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Unlocking On-Demand Home Tours: Anewgo and Nter Now Integration

Self-guided home tours is a growing innovation allowing potential homebuyers to explore new construction model homes and homes under construction anytime on their own schedule. This on-demand access provides valuable flexibility for both builders and buyers. This blog will address how self-guided technology is progressing and the many benefits it can offer.

What are Self-Guided Home Tours?

With self-guided tours, home shoppers can enter and tour models and homes under construction solo without a sales agent present. Access is provided via smartlock systems that generate secure one-time entry codes. Shoppers confirm their identity by providing personal details and ID verification. Once verified, buyers can instantly tour the homes at their convenience without needing appointments. All entries are logged and visitors are location tracked for security.

Self-guided options may be available at all hours or during off-peak times when sales staff is unavailable. The homebuilder still captures buyer details for follow-up. It simply allows more flexibility for buyers to visit home models on their own schedule. This differs from virtual tours, as it grants physical access to explore homes rather than digital tours.

Top Benefits for Home Builders

More Flexible Staffing

For home builders, a major benefit of self-guided tours is added flexibility with sales staffing. Builders can reduce the number of salespeople needed on hand at all times across multiple model homes. Expert sales staff can cover more ground without being tied to one location. Virtual tools and self-guided options essentially act as robotic assistants when human staff is unavailable.

Home builders are increasingly moving to more centralized sales teams collaborating digitally rather than having large on-site teams at each community. Self-guided tours allow builders to leverage their top talent strategically across more properties while still accommodating buyer demand to tour homes.

Access Outside Business Hours

Another major advantage is self-guided tours generate buyer leads and tours outside traditional business hours when sales teams are not on site. Weeknights and weekends are prime shopping times when today’s busy buyers browse and tour homes after work and on weekends.

According to Nter Now, up to 25% or more of self-guided tour traffic happens during evenings and weekends when sales offices are closed. Instead of losing those potential buyers, they can tour models independently any time that suits their schedule. Expanding access beyond Monday-Friday 9-5 lets builders capture buyer leads they would miss otherwise.

More Efficient Lead Generation

In fact, data shows that across the board self-guided tours generate 2-3x more leads for builders than staffed model homes alone. By always having access open virtually via self-guided tours, home builders can capitalize on buyer demand around the clock. Enabling on-demand touring converts significantly more prospects into leads compared to limited staffed hours.

When salespeople go home, smartlock self-guided tours act like concierge still working to capture buyer leads and move prospects through the sales funnel. Instead of dark model homes missing buyer traffic in the evenings, self-guided tours have the lights on and welcome buyers after-hours. This maximizes lead generation potential.

Lower Costs

Using self-guided tours alongside technology like virtual models and Buy Now/Reserve Now also allows builders to lower costs associated with traditional physical model homes. Constructing fewer model homes with more digital and self-guided options reduces expenses considerably.

Given rising building costs, the significant investments required for physical model homes makes limited models combined with digital tools a smarter direction. Builders can allocate budgets saved on models to enhance their digital sales capabilities.

Added Construction Site Security

Another useful application of smartlock self-guided technology is controlling access for construction teams and sub-contractors on job sites. Builders can grant codes to vendors and tradespeople as needed rather than managing keys. All entries are tracked so builders know exactly who accessed the site and when.

This prevents unauthorized access issues that can happen with copied keys. Tradespeople also can’t claim they were on site if access logs show otherwise. Managing trade access via cloud-based smartlock codes is far more secure and efficient.

Top Benefits for Home Buyers

Control Over Their Schedule

For prospective buyers, the clearest benefit of self-guided tours is the ability to visit and assess new homes on their own schedule. Instead of needing appointments during limited daytime hours, buyers can tour models any evening or weekend when they have free time.

Many buyers today work long hours and can really only tour homes outside of business hours. Others are simply early risers or night owls on different schedules. Self-guided tours allow browsing homes during whatever hours the buyer prefers rather than when sales offices are open.

No Sales Pressure

Another major appeal for buyers is touring homes independently without a salesperson present. Some buyers dislike having an agent accompany them, feeling pressure from sales pitches. They may wish to quietly observe and take notes at their own pace versus constant interactions.

With self-guided tours, home shoppers control the experience. They can explore models on their own terms without any pressure. For buyers that prefer privacy and space to review homes objectively, self-guided options offer that flexibility.

Reduced Buying Anxiety

Being able to tour anonymously and without sales staff also eases the anxiety many buyers feel toward the home buying process. Studies show the discomfort and stress buyers experience interacting in model homes is much like visiting car dealerships. Self-guided tours remove this tension.

Instead of dreading appointments with sales agents, buyers simply access homes independently when ready. The privacy and control over their own experience delivers a more relaxed and enjoyable model home visit.

Flexible Access

Finally, with flexible anytime access buyers do not need to wait days or weeks to align schedules with sales agents for appointments. Self-guided tours let buyers check out available inventory homes, floor plans or designs instantly rather than waiting on sales office availability. Removing delays improves buyer experience and satisfaction.

Implementing Self-Guided Tours Successfully

Keys to Buy-In Across Teams

So how can builders effectively implement self-guided tours to enjoy these rewards? Experts emphasize first obtaining buy-in and participation across all departments involved. This includes sales, marketing and construction teams.

Without shared vision and coordination implementing self-guided tours, the program may become siloed. Ideally, each team will champion contributing to the program’s success. Sales agents provide critical on-site perspective. Marketing develops promotions and materials to integrate self-guided messaging. Construction manages physical installation of smartlock systems and signage.

Buy-In from Sales Agents Critical

Notably, it is vital to get sales teams on board instead of fearing technology replacing them. Self-guided tours should be positioned as enhancing sales agents’ results by expanding tour traffic. Sales teams should champion using the solution versus resist the program.

Training helps salespeople understand how self-guided tours work in parallel with traditional tours. Salespeople maintain crucial roles forming buyer relationships and personalizing tours. Technology simply extends hours buyers can explore homes independently. Frame properly, most sales agents ultimately embrace the value self-guided tours add.

Clear External Signage

Another key implementation factor is clear exterior signage and communication that self-guided tours are available. This allows drive-by traffic to instantly take advantage of touring models without expectations of appointments. For maximum exposure, builders may use roadside signs, flags at home sites, A-frame pointers at models, or banners at community entrances.

Messaging may be as simple as “Tour This Home Now – Scan For Instant Access”. Signage should indicate interested buyers can tour immediately on their own versus waiting for sales staff. QR codes can link to registration sites for access.

Digital Promotion On Listings

Equally important is digitally promoting self-guided access on website model home listings and community pages. Searching buyers want visible cues on listings that homes can be toured immediately on their own versus waiting to arrange agent appointments.

Model and homes under construction listings should include online scheduling options, timing when self-guided tours are available, and instructions for accessing the homes independently via registered entry codes. The website experience should match the on-site messaging.

Leverage Smartlock Technology

To enable secure code access, smartlock technology offers the best solution. Smartlocks allow custom entry codes to be generated in real-time, disabled after use, and continually refreshed for security. Buyers redeem unique entry codes on lockbox keypads at model homes.

Nter Now also incorporates other advanced vetting like driver’s license scanning and knowledge based verification. The key characteristics of knowledge-based authentication are:

  • It asks the user a series of multiple choice questions to verify their identity.
  • The questions are based on personal knowledge or facts that only the real user is expected to know the answers to.
  • Examples of questions include past addresses, family member names, vehicles owned, employers, etc.
  • The user has to correctly answer a minimum number of the questions to pass the verification.
  • The verification questions are pulled from public records, consumer databases, and other sources to populate the personalized quiz.
  • It provides an extra layer of identity confirmation beyond just relying on usernames and passwords.

Asking users to confirm their identity by correctly answering personalized questions based on their personal history and knowledge is a common way websites and institutions authenticate users are who they claim to be.

The most advanced builders incorporate live in-home monitoring including motion sensors and cameras. Smartlocks vastly outperform using hidden keys or knockbox codes which cannot be easily deactivated after use.

Incorporate Digital Tools Inside

Once inside self-guided model homes, digital tools can further enhance the experience:

  • Video screens showcase builder information, design options, community details, etc.
  • Tablets or sales center kiosks provide access to brochures/materials and schedule 1-on-1 tours.
  • QR codes link to videos of finishes, features, floorplans, etc on mobile devices.
  • Voice assistants like Alexa allow hands-free Q&A response to buyer questions.
  • Smart sensors track where buyers focus time allowing targeted follow-up.

Digital tools deliver an immersive experience matching online browsing. Buyers access rich information through self-service versus only static home displays.

Prompt Next Steps Upon Exiting

Finally, builders should include prominent calls-to-action to encourage next steps as buyers conclude self-guided tours. Smartlocks and location tracking allow tracking tour duration and when buyers exit. Builders can instantly send text/email messages to buyers prompting follow-up:

  • Thanking them for touring
  • Providing links or QR codes to schedule 1-on-1 tours
  • Describing available incentives or current offers
  • Detailing financing pre-approval processes
  • Providing links to Buy Now/Reserve Now options

Calls-to-action may include limited-time discounts or payment lock-in periods. Urgency creates more conversions from self-guided touring to active purchase consideration.

You can also place physical reminders like brochures and door/window stickers with QR codes and text-to prompts as they exit models. Capture their attention in the moment versus letting days pass before following up on cold leads.

The Future of Self-Guided Tours

Self-guided home tours provide home builders an invaluable tool to meet rising buyer demands. Today’s consumers expect unbounded access on their schedules. They want personalized, low-pressure experiences. Self-guided models deliver convenience while capturing more sales prospects.

Builders must increasingly match their digital presence with equivalent site access. Virtual tours and web-based shopping set buyer expectations. Self-guided options seamlessly continue brand experience from digital browsing to physical walking tours.

Yet adoption remains early stage across the industry. Overcoming reluctance to shift ingrained tour procedures will be key. Those embracing self-guided’s advantages will gain a clear competitive edge.

The future points to more on-demand buyer access complementing traditional sales methods. Blending physical and digital tools gives home builders the flexibility and coverage today’s market requires. As home technology integrates, self-guided tours are just the start of the smart home model journey.

Exciting Integration: Anewgo Interactive Maps Showcase Nter Now Self-Tour Homes

Anewgo’s Interactive Site Maps provide homebuyers a dynamic way to explore new construction communities online. The maps visually showcase available homesites, with the ability to pinpoint lot statuses, sizes, premiums, and more in real time. Exciting new integration with Nter Now’s self-touring now allows buyers to instantly identify which homes they can tour on their own schedule. Directly on the map, buyers can learn about the self-touring process, register to tour quick move-in homes, and even submit offers to purchase and place deposits. Between Anewgo’s in-depth community exploration tools and Nter Now’s on-demand access, home shoppers can independently research and tour new construction like never before. This seamless blending of digital and physical creates a next-level homebuying experience.

See Anewgo and Nter Now’s Integration in Action

Experience how Anewgo’s interactive site maps seamlessly connect with Nter Now’s self-guided home touring. Our innovative integration empowers homebuyers to go from digital exploration to physical touring in one smooth click.

To learn more and see a demo of Anewgo’s interactive tools and exciting new integration with Nter Now self-guided tours, schedule a call with our Director of Sales Sara Williams.

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