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About Us
Who we are and what we believe

Our Story

While our ‘head office’ is in Holly Springs, North Carolina, our presence extends beyond borders. The majority of our growing team is in the US; however, we also have a presence in Europe. The wonderful use of technology keeps our team connected and focused wherever they are.

We started in 2001 as Rendering House, an award-winning visualization company that exclusively served the New Construction Industry.

We have worked with 100s of builders, developers, and architects for projects of all sizes.

Over the past few years, we have evolved into a software company to help our builders provide the best possible online experience for their buyers. In 2020, we realized we had out-grown our name as we were no longer just a content company but also a software and data company. So we made a new go of it as a proptech “startup”, Anewgo!

Our Team

We are driven by values

We believe that customer focus is key to our success. This includes both builders and the home buyer. We also have a huge propensity to be better and provide the best possible experience.

Relationships: People come first. Customers, our staff, and our partners are always an important part of the business equation

Integrity: We are human and always strive to understand and do the right thing.

We Are Interested

Truthfully, we are software geeks with a flare for design. We want to help builders achieve better results and provide a better CX for their buyers.

We Are Focused

We had a plan. We started with great visualization content and knew we needed to do things differently … better.

We Deliver

We are proud of the 100s of builder customers who have developed an exceptional online experience.