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The New Home Markeplace
A shopping experience designed to allow buyers to do more online.
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Collaborate With Your Buyers
Anewgo.com is the only marketplace with tools that make it easy for you and your buyers to share home designs, rate, and direct message
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Be Their Subject Matter Expert
With data analytics Anewgo provides agents with individual buyer trends to help you guide your clients into their dream home
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Anewgo Agents...

Get Better

Most buyers have spent hours researching and designing homes before they contact an Anewgo agent

Add More

Through Anewgo’s collaboration tools you can find, design, modify, and message about plans – this allows you to be the subject matter expert

More Tech

Anewgo’s listing are updated directly by the builder so they are always up-to-date, while our data analytics make it easier than ever to understand your buyers

More Time

Anewgo Agents and their clients do more online and move down and leverage tools like match-and-notify to find the right home in less time


Premier Agents not only get more leads but they also get access to lead insights and collaboration tools


Sponsored Agents appear before Listed Agents on their local market’s agent listing page


Listed agents appear on Anewgo Marketplace’s Find Agent page.

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Premier Agents

Anticipate buyer needs and add value through collaboration

Premier agents are an exclusive group of agents that get to leverage all of Anewgo’s Agent tools within their local market


Stand out in your market

On the Agent Listing page Sponsored Agents show up before Listed Agents so that they can attract more eyeballs

Like Premier Agents, each market contains a limited number of Sponsored Agents


The new source for leads

Listed agents appear when Anewgo Marketplace shoppers want to find a local agent. At AnewgoMarketplace.com, shoppers are serious about new construction homes and have often spent hours designing homes before they even look for an agent.