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Engage Prospects
with our Website and Sales Center Apps

Marketing connects buyers and sellers by

Attracting Audiences and Engaging Prospects

Engagement is the critical next step in the customer journey and determines whether a prospect becomes a lead.

Designing Online

Custom-design and visualize exterior colors, floorplan options and interiors. Even select your homesite.

Taking Virtual Tours

Watch videos and take virtual tours of new communities and homes. Text, email or even virtually-drop AR homes onsite.

Creating My Favorites

Save, compare, edit and resume your favorite designs as you shop across different channels.

Shopping Socially

Share your favorites via email or social media for feedback. Invite others to collaboratively shop and design with you online.

The MyHome Ecosystem is designed to quickly engage home shoppers by allowing them to design their dream home across an omni-channel experience. Regardless of when, where, or type of device, shoppers are able to pick up where they left off.

With a fully integrated interactive design experience, buyers are to seamlessly move further down the sales funnel and gain a sense of ownership of the homebuying process.

The ability to save, compare, and share homes as they are designed empowers home buyers to move forward with confidence.

The Complete Online Sales Funnel

The modern customer is looking for a new type of sales journey that often takes place entirely online. This means that builders must offer an experience that holistically addresses each part of the sales funnel. Having a weak link in the online Sales Funnel directly impacts a builder’s ability to close more sales.

Engaged prospects are leads that Sales Teams have a higher chance of converting into buyers. Once a shopper is highly interested in a builder’s house the next step is to nurture that lead through collaboration.