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Nurture Leads
with our Insights Platform

Sales starts where Marketing ends by

Nurturing Leads and Converting Buyers

High engagement drives lower sales funnel lead registration via various call-to actions.

Contact Us Requests

Contact Us buttons are available throughout our apps so shoppers can consult OSCs whenever they want by providing contact information.

Get Brochures Registrations

Required registrations to download or be emailed coveted personal MyHome brochures are effective contact information collectors.

Saving My Favorites

Registrations to save custom-designed favorites to personal shopping carts is compelling.

Virtual Assistance

Sharing personal information and interests is essential to effectively utilizing our virtual buyers’ agent, Sophie, to find matching homes

Not all leads are created equal. Because highly engaged leads are more likely to become buyers, the MyHome Ecosystem makes it easy for Sales teams to engage with prospects at the right time.

After contact is made, nurturing leads is all about knowing what they want. Our solutions collect data on an individual shopper level to provide you team with insights on who each shopper is and what they are looking for.

The Complete Online Sales Funnel

The modern customer is looking for a new type of sales journey that often takes place entirely online. This means that builders must offer an experience that holistically addresses each part of the sales funnel. Having a weak link in the online Sales Funnel directly impacts a builder’s ability to close more sales.

With insights to help nurture leads, Sales is equipped with the ability to turn more shoppers into home buyers. The last step in the sales funnel is getting them to the closing table.