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A New Go of New Home Sales!

with John and Anya

Episode 1,  January 4, 2022

Introduction: Making A New Go of It!

Disruptive PropTech changes are sweeping our industry! To prepare, this premiere episode launches our weekly “Tech Tuesdays” webcast series that highlights trends, innovations and technologies that will completely transform the way we market and sell New Homes.

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John Lee, Anewgo’s CEO and Anya Chrisanthon, Chief Brand Officer are co-hosting a weekly webcast/podcast series titled Anewgo of New Home Sales. With millions of dollars flowing into PropTech, this is the time to discuss the innovative and potentially disruptive, sales and marketing technologies that are now sweeping the homebuilding industry. While highlighting new solutions, systems, processes, and techniques, John and Anya will also evaluate legacy processes and technologies. By sharing best practices, case studies, tactics and strategies, they will help you successfully incorporate MarTech into your sales cycle. 

Anya is a Penn State graduate and has a background in finance-she spent the first seven years of her career at Vanguard-world’s largest mutual funds firm. She joined homebuilding industry in 2013 when she joined NVR. Anya is most known for her top-rated New Construction Marketing Podcast where John Lee appeared as a guest on Episode #21. Anya is one of the most recognizable faces in homebuilding and she often speaks at popular industry events such as the International Builders Show, TecHomebuilder Summit, Housing Transformation Summit, Tropical Sales Retreat and many more.

With an MBA, John was the North America Finance Director for PPG Industries, a Fortune 100 company, before joining a Silicon Valley high-tech startup in 1999 as the Vice President of Finance – raising $9 million in venture capital. After the 2001 dot com bust, building on his experience and passion for real estate, John co-founded Rendering House to service the New Home industry with cutting-edge visualizations. Rendering House eventually evolved into a software company developing Apps for New Homes. Rendering House creates thousands of renderings, interactive home design apps, and virtual and augmented reality tours each year.

John is also a developer and owner of a 53K sf mixed-used development in Holly Springs, NC (theblockonmain.com). Between his real and virtual world real estate companies, John has gained a world of real estate marketing experience.

Today, Rendering House’s software spin-off, Anewgo is creating a New Home Shopping Portal for buyers to find, design, experience and buy new homes online while providing valuable analytics and lead generation for Builders, Agents and Developers.

Until recently, most had never heard of FinTech, PropTech or MarTech. Our industry is now at the intersection, and is even the culmination, of these game-changing technologies.

It’s come full circle. Everyone is now talking about the metaverse. But Anewgo was basically born in the metaverse – the virtual world. There were two recent multi-million dollar sales of real estate sales in metaverse. So people are already buying real estate in that world. That’s where we’re heading and a big reason why we’re doing this show. E-commerce, virtual shopping for real world products is not just overtaking our industry, but all industries. 

We want to take our industry from being a tech laggard to a tech leader. We want you to be a trend maker, not just a trend follower.

Our goal is to first, educate builders on the new terms, concepts and emerging technologies that are inundating us today. Then, we’ll train them on new systems and processes so that they can improve the way they market and sell new construction. Lastly, we’ll consult builders on how to utilize these new tools to grow their businesses by identifying best practices, teaching case studies and offering business tactics and strategies. Special guests will share how they implemented new technologies to create a better customer experience.


Consumers already understand technology. They’re just waiting to utilize it. They want easy tools. They want information and pricing transparency. They want to see what they’re getting and get what they are seeing. They also want control over their shopping experience. They want to shop when they want, how they want, where they want with who they want. Builders need to utilize technologies that fulfill these three major consumer needs to provide great CX.

Used homes are builders biggest competitors. When shoppers can easily see, tour and price existing homes, it’s hard to convince them to come work with builders – amid the other overwhelming obstacles that come with buying new.

Long-term, you can't do Marketing, if you can't do Tech.

There are many homebuilding podcasts out there. Most approach MarTech from the traditional Marketing side. We’re approaching it from the future Tech side as that’s how today’s consumers shop and want to shop.

Anewgo of New Home Sales will be a weekly show as technology is moving fast. We’ll try to keep it fresh and cover technology trends – focusing on innovative and rapidly growing sales and marketing technologies.


There are many emerging disruptive technologies and innovations in this industry. It’s awfully confusing! By exploring them early in your purchasing process, you can ask well-informed and critical questions before buying an expensive system that may not meet your future needs. We want you to make good decisions based on your unique needs and constraints, and not just simply copy your competition.

We’ll evaluate new and current technologies that may have uncertain adoption and lifespans. We’ll present pros and cons, and side-by-side comparisons objectively – not just relative to what we’re doing at Anewgo. Finally, we’ll showcase popular consumer trends, both within and outside the homebuilding industry as it’s often good to look out to improve within.

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