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A New Go of New Home Sales!

with John and Anya

Unraveling the Mystery of Online Home Buyer Behavior: Insights from the 4th Annual Mystery Shop

Episode 113, June 4, 2024

In this episode, Anya Chrisanthon interviews Leah Fellows, founder of Blue Gypsy Inc., to discuss the findings from the 4th Annual Online Homebuyer Mystery Shop Report. Leah shares insights on the importance of having dedicated online sales counselors (OSCs), effective lead follow-up strategies, and the critical role of marketing in driving high-quality leads. The discussion also covers the decline in OSC usage among builders in 2023, the need for diverse communication channels, and the significance of adopting technology to improve the customer experience. Leah emphasizes the importance of focusing on lead quality over quantity and provides advice on how builders can adapt to the ever-changing online-first buyer.

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Leah Kaiz Fellows, founder and owner of Blue Gypsy Inc. is an online sales training expert, adventurer, and home building industry professional.

After graduating with a degree in communication from Boston University, Leah chose the unconventional path of a wanderer as she gained insights into different cultures, places, and people. Her Gypsy years allowed for crazy adventures and unique jobs giving her the skills and confidence to work in any setting and relate to a multitude of personalities and professionals.

She spent 13 years traveling the world as a backpacker, sailboat captain, and dive instructor. In 2006 Leah began work in the new home sales industry managing leads, setting appointments, and assisting with new home sales for a large local builder in Virginia Beach. It was here that she developed her first online sales program with metrics reaching to 32% of the overall sales for that builder, at a time when the industry standard was 20-25%. She often joked that her non-existent Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) was put together with bubble gum and duct tape.

The Gypsy naturally thrived in this role and was intrigued with the relationship building that is necessary to be successful in online sales.  Her writing skills played a key role in her travels as she worked freelance for magazines and newspapers and these skills continue as an important part of her duties in writing custom campaigns, website copy, and relevant blogs.

Realizing that falling for a military man meant her wayward gypsy wanderings would continue, only now dictated by the whims of the Army, Leah then went on to start Blue Gypsy Inc. in 2010 working with builders, developers, and real estate related businesses as she developed a proven Online Sales System along with her very own Online Sales Process.

Since 2014 the Blue Gypsy has focused on Online Sales Training for builders across the country to help them improve their sales and the way they handle digital leads. Writer and speaker, Leah brings real world experience, and a unique, relatable quality to all her engagements.

Giving back to the building industry is important to her. She is an active member of the Professional Women in Building Council and the Sales and Marketing Council locally and nationally. Currently a board member at the Home Builders Association of Metro Denver PWB, she also is also the past chair (2019-2021) the Mentoring committee and is the past co-chair (2021) of NAHB PWB’s Membership and Communications sub-committee and the current 2nd Vice Chair of the Professional Development sub-committee. Leah is also a on the board of Trustees for NSMC and is the past chair (2021) of the Membership and Communication sub-committee.

She writes numerous articles for Building Women Magazine, Build Maryland Magazine, Colorado Builder, and other industry blogs and publications and has spoken at the International Building Show both onstage and in PWB Headquarters, SEBC, as well as on industry webinars and podcasts around the country.

Download the 4th Annual Homebuyer Mystery Shop Report HERE

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