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A New Go of New Home Sales!

with John and Anya

Episode 13,  March 15, 2022

Interview with Barrett Davis, CEO of NterNow

Do-it-yourself (DIY) is one of the biggest consumer trends of 2022. Learn how to incorporate self-touring into your sales process and other applications in home building. 

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Today we’re chatting with Barrett Davis-CEO of NterNow.

Nearly 60% of new home buyers prefer to tour homes in person before making a purchase decision, and 64% prefer to self-tour homes on their own schedule, according to Zillow. NterNow enables home builders to provide a safe and secure experience for buyers who prefer to tour on their own schedules, without an agent or sales rep.

NterNow provides on-demand & scheduled home tours even when no one is onsite. Prospects can tour securely locked homes any daylight hour, and their information is forwarded instantly to sales agents. 

Barrett’s passion for technology and entrepreneurship was sparked early on when he took NterNow to the finals of the UGA’s Next Top Entrepreneur competition. Graduating with a BS in Business-MIS, Barrett has never stopped learning, focusing on the latest tech developments and the ever-evolving business world of access and ID verification.

A prodigious talent for coding and team leadership, Barrett has never lost a hackathon he’s entered, winning the prestigious ATDC FinTech Hack sponsored by WorldPay in 2017.

As CTO, Barrett leads the search for the right hardware, dev talent and investors for NterNow. Moving from the State Farm corporate world to a startup, Ware2Go (owned by UPS) in 2019, Barrett will continue to soak up tech dev skills and apply it to his inch-to-thousand-foot vision for NterNow.

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