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A New Go of New Home Sales!

with John and Anya

Episode 15,  March 29, 2022

Interview with Shari Morton and Ingrid Prince from Shared Drive

We discuss the evolution of the Online Sales Counselor (OSC) role and career progression as well as debunk common myths about this critical position.  

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It’s a party! Our own Director of Sales Sara Williams is co-hosting todays episode. Sara used to be an OSC in her past life and she is passionate about the role and its evolution-which is a topic of our conversation today. We’re excited to welcome Shari Morton and Ingrid Prince co-founders of Shared Drive and the Tribe.

Shari Morton is the co-founder of Shared Drive, an OSC solution company tailored to new home builders. Before co-founding Shared Drive in 2020, Shari was an award-winning OSC, winning the 2017 NAHB title for OSC of the Year in 2017. She was inspired to start the company when she saw a massive gap in the market and knew builders were falling behind without the proper teams in place. 

Being an OSC for over 8 years, she understands that this role is constantly evolving. She maintains the title of Chief OSC–and chances are, you’ll catch her taking over the phones on a Wednesday afternoon for one of her junior teammates. She believes in continually working the role and keeping a pulse on how the market is shifting. Since buyer behavior is constantly changing, Shari prides herself on Shared Drive’s ability to adapt and respond to its dynamic environment. Shared Drive knows each and every builder and their market is unique. Shari is helping builders to achieve efficiency and success, while being a voice for change in the industry.

Ingrid Prince is the co-founder of Shared Drive and has over 15 years of experience working in the home building profession with over four years being an industry leader in sales leadership and online sales. Her expertise in creating a meaningful experience for buyers and being in the forefront of using video technology for follow up has made Ingrid a highly sought-after individual. 

Ingrid has been a guest speaker at the International Builder Show and spoke on a key topic such as how social media marketing affects new home sales as well as the buyer’s journey from online to onsite.. She has also been a part of Do You Convert’s OSC Panel sharing best practices to online sales counselors across the country.. Ingrid has appeared on Dallas’ highly rated morning news station, Good Morning Texas, speaking on various real estate market trends and sales. 

Ingrid has received several awards such as 2020 Dallas Builders Association McSam Award for Sales Manager/Director of the Year, 2019 Professional Builder 40 Under 40, NAHB Silver Award for Online Sales COunselor of the Year for 2017 and is a Two-Time Award Winner of Dallas Builders Association McSam Award for Online Sales Counselor of the Year in 2016 and 2017. 

During her free time, Ingrid loves to travel with her husband, Mike, and twelve-year-old son Reese. She is an avid marathon runner and a self-proclaimed foodie!

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