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A New Go of New Home Sales!

with John and Anya

Episode 43,  October 18, 2022

How to Create Urgency and Master Negotiation from OSC to Sales

New Home Sales Expert and Author Roland Nairnsey, & renowned Online Sales Counselor Coach Leah Fellows will give you an exciting glimpse of their proven processes and systems, that they will be teaching in depth at the upcoming Tropical Retreat in November. Learn how to create authentic urgency from OSC to On Site Sales. With the market correction, it is time to re-set your sales process to ensure that buyers don’t become complacent and fully understand not just “Why my builder, Community and Home?” but most importantly “Why now?”

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Meet the Presenters:

Leah Kaiz Fellows, Owner of Blue Gypsy Inc.

Since 2010, is a national online sales counselor trainer and consultant. She’s had the pleasure of being at the forefront of the evolution of online sales over the past 17 years in the building industry. Starting early on, she continues to help shape this important role of lead development for new home builders across the country.She is currently on the NAHB Sales & Marketing Council (NSMC) Board of Trustees. She is also the 2nd vice chair of the Education Sub-committee for NAHB Professional Women in Building (PWB), and she is on the PWB Board at her Local Metro Denver HBA and is the former Chair of the PWB Mentoring Committee.

Roland Nairnsey, Owner of New Home Sales Plus

Roland is the Author of “The Mastery of Selling for New Homes” and is an internationally recognised New Home Sales expert, coach and cunsulant. Having sold almost one billion dollars of new homes himself, Roland is known as the “Stuff Guy” as he shares his real world experiences, proven to work in todays ever changing market. Sales people and managers love his unique Brirtsih humor as they laugh while they learn. Roland has been a featured speaker at the International Builders Show Sales Rally many times, and was just featured in Probuilder magazine.

Roland will share some highly effective techniques from his new book “Mastery of Negotiation”, to ensure that if you are in a market which now expects concessions, that you will have the ability to create consistent sales success, while protecting bottom line profits and creating a win-win experience. Roland will be going into more depth in Closing, Urgency and Negotiation at the Tropical Retreat for Sales, OSC, Leadership and Marketing, November 2-4 at the beachfront Clearwater Beach Hilton, while Leah and her team of coaches will teach you how to become a the best OSC in the market place.


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