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A New Go of New Home Sales!

with John and Anya

Episode 46,  November 9, 2022

Psychological Theory for Sales Success with Debora Trimpe, PhD

Anewgo’s Director of Sales-Sara Williams chats with Dr. Debora Trimpe-President at Prime Performance Strategies about the challenges that new home sales professionals face in the coming months and how to sell homes in any market. 

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About Debora Trimpe, PhD:

Debora has over 40 years of experience working in the areas of adult learning, talent development, and coaching.  She has a PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.  Her sub-specialty is in Leadership Coaching Psychology.

Unlike other professionals in her field, Debora has spent countless hours working alongside the individuals she develops. Instead of developing training classes in the sterile confines of an office, Debora creates learning and development strategies from her experiences obtained out in the environments her clients face.  This enables her to specifically address the challenges and obstacles her clients need help with.  It also allows Debora the opportunity to fully understand what works effectively in these everyday situations so she can provide real world, workable solutions that her clients will find successful.

Debora obtained her coaching experience working with both sales professionals and executives during the past 40 years.  She has become extremely effective at assisting individuals facing difficult market challenges and finding ways to succeed in spite of the difficulties their markets have offered.  In addition, Debora’s Master’s Degree and Doctorate Degree work focused on all aspects of Coaching Psychology. This background has provided her with the knowledge necessary to create coaching conversations that proffer results.

Dr. Debora Trimpe is a published Author. Check out her book No Room For Failure: 8 Proven Strategies For Immediate Success in New Home and Real Estate Sales

About Sara Williams:

Sara started out in the new home industry 18 years ago in Pittsburgh, PA as an onsite sales agent. With an urge to get into marketing, she became Heartland Homes’ marketing coordinator and online sales counselor (OSC). During her 6 years as OSC, she grew the team from 1 to 3 OSCs, managed over 4000 leads at any given time, and personally assisted in 35% of all company sales and her team assisted in over 50% of all sales. Sara was the first winner of NAHB National Sales and Marketing Council Gold Award for Online Sales Counselor in 2013 and then moved and became a marketing director for a home builder in Charleston, SC. During Sara’s time working for home builders her love for technology, service, and client experience grew and she knew she could serve the industry in a bigger way. She decided to move into new home technology where she could leverage all of her passions and skills and help builders all over the US, Canada, and beyond. This led to an extremely successful career at ECI Lasso CRM and ECI LotVue interactive mapping technology for 6 years and presently at Anewgo, an interactive, visualization and analytics software and content company.



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