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A New Go of New Home Sales!

with John and Anya

Episode 56,  January 17, 2022

A New Year, A New Way: Mindfulness = Money

Join Lauren Loy as she shares her transformational mindfulness practices and empathic listening skills to help you start the new year in a new way. Lauren will share her own journey of discovering mindfulness practices, which lead her to improved health and well-being, but also higher sales conversions.

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Lauren spent her career working as an OSC for over 10 years for large and small homebuilders. She fell in love with the industry and helped builders launch the OSC program with Lasso CRM.

As an OSC, Lauren’s life lacked a work-life balance, and she was experiencing an immense amount of stress that took a serious toll on her mental and physical health. This led Lauren to find mindfulness practices, which ultimately transformed her life. Her health and well-being drastically improved, relationships became meaningful, and she quickly found that mindfulness led her to make more money! Her sales conversions increased alongside with her health and happiness.

All of this led her to take the next step in her career and she is now managing Sales for Lasso CRM, LotVue, and Insearch with ECI Solutions. She is passionate in helping builders get set up on technology to streamline their business. Technology can give you time back in your day to prioritize self-care and what most matters to you. You can rely on it to help you run your business and each milestone of the buyer journey, elevating the customer and employee experience, while increasing your sales conversions, from pre-sales to after closing!

Lauren will share these transformational mindfulness practices with you, as well as empathic listening skills, as you move forward into 2023. Let’s do things a new way for this New Year!

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