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A New Go of New Home Sales!

with John and Anya

Episode 64,  March 21, 2023

Proptech Disruptors: Analyzing Trends and Leveraging Data for Real Estate Success with Jonathan Klein

In this episode, we sit down with Jonathan Klein, founder of Proptech Consulting, to explore the rapidly evolving landscape of real estate technology. Together, we delve into the latest proptech trends and how they’re shaping the industry, from data-driven decision-making to emerging customer experience technologies. Jonathan shares insights on the challenges and opportunities facing proptech startups, and how they can leverage data to disrupt traditional real estate models. We also explore the exciting potential of AI in real estate, from optimizing property management to improving the home-buying experience for consumers.

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Jonathan Klein is an award-winning, top-tier executive with more than a decade of experience in growing highly successful businesses. He brings a track record of technology integration and innovation.

‍He is adept at blending visionary insight with strategic business planning. His areas of business expertise extend across commercial operations, sales, marketing, high-value negotiations, and partnerships.

With over a decade of experience in media, thought leadership and emerging technology at The New York Observer, Gigaom and GeoCV, Jonathan now brings his expertise to the evolving PropTech sector.

PropTech Consulting empowers today’s leading real estate firms with high-level growth strategies using a technology-first approach. Operating across the spectrum of property owners, developers, agents, and startups, PropTech Consulting is strongly positioned to assist in optimizing efficiencies, increasing acquisitions, and maximizing revenue.

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