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A New Go of New Home Sales!

with John and Anya

Episode 65,  March 28, 2023

Streamlining Property Management with Streetscape: Insights from Ashleigh Kaplan

In this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Ashleigh Kaplan, Corporate Development Manager at Streetscape, to learn more about the company’s innovative platform and how it helps to standardize and streamline property management processes such as architectural approvals, lease renewals, and inventory reporting.

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Ashleigh Kaplan is the Corporate Development Manager at Streetscape Technologies, a software company that has built a lot management systems for residential land developers in master planned communities. As a collaboration platform for builders, architectural consultants, residential developers, and engineering consultants, Streetscape streamlines the management of serviced lots from take down by builders to post-construction infrastructure repairs.

Ashleigh is an advocate for digital transformation in the residential development industry, and she is dedicated to helping builders and land developers save time, money, and sell more homes through her work with Streetscape. She also shares her knowledge and expertise on digital solutions for the industry on her Instagram page, @sellhomeswithtech. With her passion for technology and innovation, Ashleigh is making a significant impact on the future of residential development.

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