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A New Go of New Home Sales!

with John and Anya

Episode 71,  May 9, 2023

AI PropTech Revolution: The bots are coming! The bots are coming!

In this episode of Anewgo of New Home Sales, John Lee, the CEO of Anewgo, discusses the revolution of AI in the proptech industry. John uses real-life examples of market evolution turned tech revolution, such as Blockbuster vs. Netflix and the taxi industry vs. Uber, to explain how AI will disrupt the top of the sales funnel for new construction. John highlights the impact of data on marketing for new homes and how the paradigms of print, digital, and AI have transformed marketing in the new construction industry.

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John Lee is the CEO of Anewgo. Anewgo helps home builders to create seamless shopping journeys online with interactive digital content, data analytics, and sales conversion tools. Starting his career in various financial roles within a Fortune 100 manufacturing company, John made a career-changing jump in 1999, as the VP of Finance, raising $9M for a Silicon Valley startup. This transformational experience at the dawn of the internet age, fueled John’s passion to transform the tech laggard New Construction industry.  Following the dot com bust in 2001, John returned to his Raleigh, NC roots to pursue his vision. Since New Homes don’t physically exist, he began by co-founding Rendering House to create renderings to sell unbuilt homes. In 2020, he transformed Rendering House to Anewgo, a software company that enables buyers to buy new homes online. John has Business degree from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. He also earned a NC Real Estate license and is a developer and owner of a 54K sf mixed-use development. Now an empty-nester with 3 grown kids and a dog, John and his wife enjoy gardening and making endless home improvements.


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