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The Next Generation of Websites

SEO, Mobile and AI-friendly

Coming Summer 2024

Smart. Interactive. Personalized. (SIP)

Bring that amazing Tesla online shopping experience to your web store!
Extend your website from just Marketing to actually Selling your homes online. Buyers can now move themselves down their own online multi-channel, multi-session sales funnels: from personalized virtual showrooms to their private shopping carts. Customers view just the homes they like and then customize, experience and even buy them online.

Offer the Tesla Experience

Our website experience bridges Marketing and Sales by allowing customers to personalize, experience, and reserve their dream home using a sleek and streamlined experience. Our technology allows shoppers to continue their customer journey across multiple channels and all devices.

Popular Features

An Experience That Generates More Leads

Turn your website from a “help yourself” buffet into a fine dining experience!
Unlike Static websites where buyers shop endless generic pages and content, with Dynamic websites, buyers are served personalized content on their private buyer’s pages. These intelligent websites get smarter with each visit to continually improve customer service while enabling return visitors to start where they left-off from anywhere across our Anewgo Ecosystem.

Instead of every shopper adapting to a never-changing website, our websites adapt to each shopper’s ever-changing journey.
By generating personalized content and pages around each customer’s expressed interests, profile, shopping behaviors and return visits; our websites streamline the arduous customer journey while providing exceptional customer experiences!

Make it Personal
Because no two shoppers are alike, our websites serve personalized experiences to each individual based on their interests, profile, trends and engagement. With each interaction, our smart websites personalize the customer journey.

More Engagement = More Quality Leads
As buyers interact by designing, comparing and sharing their favorite homes, they are selling themselves a home. More engagement not only means more leads, but leads that are more educated and ready to buy than traditional website leads.

Popular Features

Let Your Product Shine

Remove the clutter
Traditional websites force shoppers to navigate dozens of pages to find what they are looking for. 

Directional hyperlinks, buttons, sub-menus, i-frames and pop-ups create a crowded User Interface (UI) and a cumbersome User Experience (UX) that is amplified on mobile.

Dynamic websites remove this clutter by only showing products that interest the individual buyer. With a private buyer’s portal, each shopper can receive multi-modal (text, visual, voice) personalized marketing messages that showcase your brand and products on a personal level.

Remove the clutter and noise to showcase your Products and Brand!
Traditional websites force shoppers to navigate dozens of pages to painfully find what they are looking for. This litters and slows your beautifully designed pages with ugly and confusing directional hyperlinks, buttons, sub-menus, i-frames and pop-ups to go elsewhere. 

This complex UI (User Interface) is especially painful on mobile. People on-the-go don’t want to go everywhere. Worse, after all of the navigation, they are rewarded with boring generic content and must go offline for more information. Why not just bring the desired content to them online?

Dynamic websites remove the visual clutter by only showing products that interest each buyer on their own private buyer’s web page! Now your multi-modal (text, visual, voice) personalized marketing messages clearly showcases your brand and products throughout each buyer’s unique online shopping journeys.

Popular Features

Guide The Entire Customer Journey

Optimized for both SEO (Search Engines) and AIO (Artificial Intelligence)
Attract your audience whether they started with keyword search engines or AI conversations.

Omnichannel customer journey
Capture the complete online multi-channel, multi-session and multi-modal shopping journey across our Anewgo Ecosystem of our Marketplace Portal, Builder Websites and Community Sales Kiosks.

Popular Features

Data that Powers Sales Teams

Add “Fingerprints” Engagements to Your Website “Footprints” Our interactive tools collect 1st party data and leads allowing you to understand individual lead intent (fingerprints) and website macro trends (footprints). Letting sales and marketing teams know exactly what to sell and who to target.

Popular Features

Less Cost, Less Pain

One combined content and channel vendor

By doing both the content and website creation, we eliminate the pain of fitting dynamic content into a static website while saving you money and time. The traditional options of i-framing or opening a new tab are both disruptive to the buyer journey.

By creating a builder’s entire website on their own domain, we can save builders tremendous time, costs and maintenance while creating cleaner, smarter and more modern websites. It also eliminates costly data redundancies and connections while streamlining bloated websites.

Why pay for separate website and content creators when we can do it all for less?
Our interactive content accounts for about 80% of the content, engagement and leads on our clients’ websites. The remainder being the website “frame”, non-product static referential content and navigation thumbnails, links and buttons.

Yet builders spend most of their budgets on the simple website frame instead of the more valuable content. Worse, the static frame and the interactive content reside on different website domains and must be linked.

As a both a web app and visualization software creator, we’ve been creating web app websites for ourselves (AnewgoMarketplace.com) and our clients for years. But now, we’re extending that to create the builder’s entire websites on their own domains. Our web app technology saves tremendous time, costs and maintenance while creating cleaner, smarter and more modern websites. It  also eliminates costly data redundancies and connections while streamlining bloated websites.

Popular Features

Uninterrupted Journey

Part of a full Ecosystem
A single Dashboard CMS updates all of your content and channels in our ecosystem which encompasses our Anewgo Marketplace Portal, Builder Websites and Community Sales Kiosks.

Popular Features

Primed for AI and Beyond...

Decades-old traditional websites have hit their tech ceiling.
Traditional websites are not built for dynamic customer journeys, ecommerce and AI.

Get in on the ground floor of Next-gen websites
SIP websites are the foundation for next wave of revolutionary technologies like AI, Web3, Blockchain and the Metaverse. 

End Costly Website Overhauls

Anewgo websites are built on webapp technology, meaning upgrades and new features will automatically be available to you.

An AI conversation generates personalized website content on the left window while also bringing suggested communities and plans into the conversation thread. If select a recommendation, that product dynamically appears in the website window for you to interact, design and even buy from.

Popular Future Features

Our Smart Interactive Personalized (SIP) Websites are better by design. By combining AI-guided personalized journeys with interactive design we’re delivering a customer journey that Static Generic websites can’t.

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Take a Sip

Steps to evolve your online customer journey

  1. Start with Interactive Content (IC)
  2. Use this IC on your current websites as standalone apps or complete MyHome Apps.
  3. In parallel, we create your SIP website behind the scenes. Your CMS simultaneously updates the IC for both your current live website and your under-development SIP website.
  4. When ready, we switch your old website with your new one.

Website Packages

Anewgo has two ways for builders to provide interactive experiences to their buyers. Here’s a quick comparison of the two.


Modular (build your toolset)


Single Tools