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Anewgo Ecosystem

Encompasses our Enterprise Software Platform of Marketing and Sales Apps and our Network of Systems Partners

Our Ecosystem

Converges Digital Marketing and Sales to Enable Shopping and Buying New Homes Online

Utilizes a CMS (Content Management System) to create an Enterprise Software Platform that connects Design, Marketing and Sales Departments

Provides a systems hub that connects external systems, partners, data and transactions

Marketing and Sales functions create parallel Sales Funnels and Buyer Journeys – with Lead Generation being the hand-off point. Technology, particularly AI, continues to shape the increasingly online Customer Journey. Our Ecosystem is part of a broader network of connected systems (ERPs, websites, portals, CRMs, Apps, etc.) to provide seamless, personalized, data-driven, omnichannel, and ultimately, virtually-assisted, customer journeys.

Find, Design, Collaborate and Buy Online

1. ATTRACT AUDIENCE (Top of Funnel) – Shoppers find new homes and communities using online searches and smart filters. AI offers Match and Notify capabilities and may become the new top of funnel with conversational inquiries.

2. ENGAGE PROSPECTS (Mid Funnel) – Shoppers design and virtually experience new homes and communities online. This personalization encourages lead registration, longer engagements and return visits.

3. CURATE LEADS (Mid Funnel) – Shoppers collaboratively shop online with co-buyers and ultimately, with AI virtual assistance. This functionality enables buyers to move themselves down personal online sales funnels.

4. CONVERT BUYERS (Bottom of Funnel) – Buyers digitally pay and sign to reserve, and ultimately buy, homesites and homes online.

Anewgo Marketing Apps

Cloud-synced to provide seamless personalized shopping across different online marketing channels.

Interactive design for website, email and social marketing.

Onsite presentations and design consultations.

A universe of builders, plans and communities to shop across.

Subsets of the Marketplace App for segmented marketplaces around brokerages, developers and niche markets.

Apps for specific interactive tools (color design, floorplan options, lot selection) that can be seamlessly integrated into websites.

Anewgo Sales Apps

Personally track and usher leads down individual online sales funnels.

Apps analytically and visually render popular communities, plans, colors, floorplan options and interior designs.

Lead profiles, analytics, shopping journeys and sales funnels. Displays each lead’s shopping cart of favorites.

AI-guided and launched personalized re-marketing campaigns with custom rendered content.

Online post-purchase, pre-closing management from design studio through construction and closing tasks.

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