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A New Go of New Home Sales!

with John and Anya

Episode 87, October 24, 2023

Designing an Engaging Customer Experience with Beth Byrd of Beacon Homes

In this episode, host Anya Christianton chats with Beth Byrd, Director of Sales and Marketing at Beacon Homes, about designing an engaging customer experience when selling new homes. They discuss how Beacon Homes utilizes interactive tools like exterior visualizers, interactive floor plans, and site maps to keep homebuyers excited and engaged throughout the sales process. Beth shares best practices for choosing tech tools that align with your company’s customer journey, using interactivity to increase buyer registrations, and presenting virtually to various stakeholders. She also gives a sneak peek of her upcoming speaking sessions at the Tech Home Builder Summit and the International Builders’ Show.

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Beth Byrd studied at the Design Institute of San Diego and has worked in a wide variety of positions in the design and construction industry in the past twenty-one years. She has been enamored with home design and new construction her whole life, so working with Beacon is a dream come true for her. Beth enjoys helping families navigate the process of finding and designing a home that is unique to their personal taste. Having lived on both coasts, she has grown to love and appreciate the quirks of regional style across the country. When she is not working, Beth enjoys her time with her husband and their five boys. 

Resources mentioned on this episode: 

Interactive Design Tools-MyHome App

Interactive Design Tools-stand alone

TecHome Builder Summit in Phoenix, AZ

International Builders Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, NV


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