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What do we want to provide? Talk Tech, etc, etc.

Talking Tech

  • PropTech
  • MarTech
  • SalesTech
  • FinTech


For Consumers

  • Easy tools 
  • Transparent information 
  • Control of their shopping experience


For Builders

  • Education – general knowledge. New terms, concepts,  technologies
  • Training – Specific skills. New systems, processes, techniques
  • Consulting – Business guidance. Best practices, case studies, tactics and strategies


TBD MarTech Reviews (Quarterly)

  • Trends – increasingly popular sales and marketing technologies
  • Begins – emerging disruptive technologies, innovations and businesses
  • Depends – new and current technologies with uncertain adoption and lifespans


How we got here


  • PA Real Estate License
  • Started in Financial Services at the

 largest mutual funds company

  • Joined NVR in 2013
  • New Construction Marketing Podcast 2018
  • AC Marketing & Consulting
  • NAHB PWB Trustee 2020, 2021
  • PA Builders Association PWB Chair 2021

NAHB YP Committee 2020, 2021


  • MBA, real estate license
  • Started in Steeltown Fortune 100 company
  • Re-booted in Silicon Valley startup
  • Returned to Raleigh roots and founded Rendering House
  • Real estate developer

Changing with the times

  • Why start Rendering House?
  • Our little print shop. Walked the streets. Rescued by Google.
  • Why Rendering House to Anewgo?
    • Content > Software > Media Company
    • Product > Platform > Ecosystem
    • Home Shopping Network
  • Ago and New. Learn from the past. But don’t live in it. Your customers don’t and won’t.

Where do we go from here?

  • Build-out our ecosystem
  • Integrate and partner
  • Scale

Unicorns pursue markets that are

  1. Huge
  2. Fragmented
  3. Inefficient


Disruptive barrier: Unique New Home product

  • Only virtually exists
  • Buy in pieces
  • Complex, risky, expensive investment
  • Collaborative purchase
  • Lengthy shopping, construction, closing process
  • Many hand-offs
  • Often must sell to buy


Technology breakdowns barriers

  • Tech-savvy consumers expect and demand it
  • Big builders and venture firms are investing billions in PropTech
  • Riskier to keep status quo than preparing for tsunami of disruptive changes


Perfect storm for disruption

  • Tech-savvy, demanding consumers
  • New technology and investment
  • Unstable environment


Content is the tip of the spear for changes!

  • Everything starts with content
  • Content is harbinger of things to come
  • Spearheads tech revolutions (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Zillow)
  • Content is now both the soldiers and the battlefield.


Battle for eyeballs!

  • Marketing goals: 1. Attract audience 2. Engage prospects
  • Many fronts
  • Different battlefields
  • New high-tech weapons


Winning the war!

  • Data is the secret weapon
  • Content + Data = Knowledge

Kings + Gold = Powerful Kingdoms

  1. Content is King
  2. Data is Gold
  3. Knowledge is Power

Powerful Fusion of Content and Data

  • Make dumb content smart
  • Product data drives dynamic visual content 
  • Buyer content engagement generates personal data
  • Fusion of Product and Personal data creates powerful synergy and amazing insights


  • Omnichannel Data-driven Visualizations provides Omnipresence, Omniscience, Omnipotence
  • Full Knowledge of People and Products provides competitive advantage.
  • Advanced Knowledge pulls demand. “Pre”suade instead of persuade.

Use Your Power for Good

  • Use knowledge to improve designs, products, streamline processes and optimize resources
  • Provide better customer experience and products with less work 
  • Use data to feed AI and provide virtual assistance to online shoppers
  • Create win/win for both consumers and builders

MarTech Revolution

  • Technology improves Marketing connections between buyers and sellers
  • Shifts focus from Form to Function like hardware and software cycles
  • Moving from hardware to software cycle

Marketing/Sales Cycle

  1. Marketing: Attract Audience (“Eyeballs” in tech-speak”)
  2. Marketing: Engage Prospects (“Stickiness” in tech-speak)
  3. Sales: Generate Leads
  4. Sales: Convert Sales

Push the PEDALS!

  1. Personalization
  2. Engagement
  3. Data
  4. Analytics
  5. Leads
  6. Sales

Keep Pedaling!

Don’t stop cycling or will lose momentum and balance

New Homes require advanced Marketing techniques

  • Complex product and shopping journey
  • Personal experience and purchase


Level 1 – Presentation Marketing

  • Basic
  • Seller-centric
  • Dumb, static, generic content
  • Used in view-only websites
  • Nothing special
  • No PEDALS – requires manual offline intervention
  • Buy sight unseen


Level 2 – Personalization Marketing

  • Next level
  • Buyer-centric
  • Smart, interactive, custom content
  • Used in interactive web apps
  • Creating something special
  • Starts PEDALS sales cycle for online DIY shopping


Level 3 – Experiential Marketing


Level 4 – Predictive Marketing


Web apps will take the stage

-web apps drive interactive content

-web apps will ultimately drive interactive personalized websites and channels (already done with social media)

-web apps will also enable AI assistance and e-commerce


Emergence of MarTech Consultants

Facebook: Personalization at a massive scale online


Amazon: From Brick and Mortar to Click to Order


Google: In search of something better


Netflix: To be continued…


Creating an Uber experience!

Buyer-centric not Seller-centric

  • My time, not yours
  • I control, not you
  • Bring to me instead of go to you


Personalization not Generic



Match and Notify Me instead of Manual Searches


Builders Shop Buyers instead of Buyers Shopping Builders


Shop Online instead of Offline

  • What Happens Online, Should Stay Online

Tech Depends – TBD if will become standard


Tech Trends – Becoming popular and standard


Tech Ends – End of Old and beginning of New standard

Renderings: Dumb, Generic, Static > Smart, Personal, Interactive

  • Renderer: rendering firm>builder>buyer>AI


Virtual Reality Videos and Tours – an Immersive Experience


Augmented and Mixed Reality – Today and Tomorrow

Data Types

  • 3rd Party
  • 2nd Party
  • 1st Party
  • Zero Party



  • Data Management Platforms (DMP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Customer Data Platforms (CDP)


Making Dumb Content Smart

  • Data-driven visualization


Optimization and Prediction

Apps Capture Online Shopping Data

  • People
  • Product

Must register to:

  • Save favorites
  • Collaborate design and shop with others
  • Socially share with others
  • Resume where left-off, on any device or channel

It all starts here

  • Learn, discover, explore when, where and why Buy New


The Ultimate Marketing Marketplace


The matchmaking data scene


Making deep connections

  • Cloud-synced
  • API/Webhook connected to other systems


What happens in the Portal stays in the Portal

  • Web app website
  • Native app
  • Both

Omnichannel Sales Funnels

Creating Omnichannels with Headless CMS in the Cloud

Herding Buyers Down Digital Sales Funnels

It takes a village!

  • Social Media
  • Social Influencers
  • Social Commerce


Go straight for the heart!

Back to the Future: Back to Basics to Prep for the Future

Imitation vs Innovation

YOU are the center of the MEtaverse

  • You.com

Coming to terms with

  • NFT
  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency

Print to Digital and Beyond…

All Offline to Online/Offline to All Online

Websites vs Web Apps vs Native Apps


  • View-only

Web App

  • Interactive
  • Personal
  • Omnichannel/Start where left-off
  • Collaborative
  • E-commerce


The Stage is Yours!

Websites>Social>Sales Kiosks>Portal>Ecosystem

All Offline to Online/Offline to All Online


Single vs Omnichannel

  • No longer website-centric


Text vs AI visual searches. It’s no match.


In-person vs Online Collaborative Design


Physical vs Virtual Closings

3 Steps:

  1. Gain Power
  2. Direct Buyer
  3. Make Path to Sales


Sales Assistance:

  • Onsite Sales
  • Agents
  • OSCs
  • Virtual Assistants
  • DIY

Pre-purchase: MyHome App – Making My Dream


Post-purchase to Closing: MyHomeStretch App – Fulfilling My Dream


Post-Closing: MyForeverHome App – Living My Dream



Visuals are are Natural Language

  • Transcends languages, cultures and demographics


AI Image-recognition



  • 2D=View
  • 3D=Interact
  • Metaverse=Immersive


Websites vs Web Apps vs Native Apps vs Hybrid Apps


  • Evolved from newspapers and magazines
  • Browse static, common read-only pre-built pages with generic content created around the seller
  • Lengthy and costly set-up and maintenance
  • Single channel – start over sessions
  • Manually-driven
  • Non-collaborative
  • No design and buy online
  • Cannot integrate with native apps
  • Form-centric (hard to add new functions)
  • Shallow analytics around seller’s web pages via 3rd party Data Management Platform


Web App

  • Derived from native apps
  • Interactive read/write dynamically-generated content and pages created around user
  • Quick and inexpensive set-up and maintenance
  • Data or AI-driven
  • Omnichannel – start where left-off on any channel in ecosystem
  • Collaborative
  • Can buy and design online
  • Can integrate with website and native apps
  • Function-centric (utilize template forms)
  • In-depth analytics around each customer’s web pages via 1st party Customer Data Platform


Builder, Community, Developer, Brokerage, Portal Apps

Personal Websites and Search Engines

AI Search


Social Commerce