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A New Go of New Home Sales!

with John and Anya

Episode 39,  September 20, 2022

Introducing Anewgo Marketplace!

The Anewgo.com is a Marketplace to exclusively learn, discover, explore and shop new construction homes. Shoppers can create their own private portal (shopping cart) where they can add their favorite builders, communities and even custom-designed homes. Then, they can share their favorites on social media or to their selected collaborators where they can then collaboratively shop, design and communicate in real-time online. Instead of repeatedly searching endless disparate builder websites where you can’t design, save, compare or share your dream homes, AMP brings your desired homes and communities to you!

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We’re reviewing 10 features of Anewgo Marketplace that will revolutionize New Home Shopping:

10. Dynamic Web App Website with Headless CMS 

9. Omnichannel Cloud-Synced Ecosystem with Personalized Interactive Content

8. Shop by Communities, Builders, BOYL and Home Plans via Search Engine 

7. Smart Filters with Tagging and Floorplan Text Recognition

6. Share to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Email with Auto-Scripting 

5. Circle Maps, Neighboring Communities, Schools, Points of Interests

4. Side-by-Side Interactive Homesite and Plan Selections with Feature Filtering

3. Private Buyers, Agents and Builders Portals

2. Real-Time Comparative, Collaborative and Conversational Online Shopping

1. Match and Notify

Learn more about each feature. 

For questions or inquiries please reach out to Sara Williams: sara@anewgo.com


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