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Anewgo Labs
It all starts here

Always improving the customer journey

As our name states, we are always looking to make a new go of the new construction shopping and buying experience. Our team is always exploring different technology applications and new approaches to revolutionize the industry.

AI Virtual Assistants

Shopping Assistant for our Anewgo Marketplace and Smart Interactive Personalized Websites.

An AI conversation generates personalized website content on the left window while also bringing suggested communities and plans into the conversation thread. If select a recommendation, that product dynamically appears in the website window for you to interact, design and even buy from.

Color Design Assistant for our Smart Interactive Personalized Websites

Augmented Reality

Awaiting mainstream adoption and AR glasses. Though viewable on iPhones and iPads.

Generative AI

Reads Floor Plan and Generates Descriptions and Conversations

AI reads floor plan images, creates a library of room and option tags for smart filters. Then, uses the tags to generate AI conversations and Marketing descriptions.


Use our rendering to prompt a generation of house video (“Show this house on a snowy day in the woods”).


Get Ironman superpowers by combining product information and real world visualizations. AI assistants can even give you guided tours and answer your questions.


Prompt: “Finish out this Kitchen.”

Virtual Staging

Prompted AI to add different elements to this unfurnished space.


Prompted AI to show the furnished kitchen in different styles while retaining the basic architecture.


Prompted AI to show new designs using a blend of three desired homes while retaining the architecture.

Live Guided Tours

Provide personal or group virtual tours to multiple guests online

Like an online video game, your visitors can independently tour the community and homes while talking to each other. The sales guide oversees all of the tours and can jump into any conversation. With a simple click, the guide can virtually round-them up to give a group tour and field questions.

Available now

Design as You Tour

Visually design as you tour a home. Show/hide furniture.

Available now

Move, scroll, and zoom with your mouse

Virtual Models

Explore your designs all around online. It’s a great way to get started. Once finalized, we can convert to photoreal renderings, videos and virtual tours. 

Available Now