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Convert Buyers
with our HomeStretch App

A better online customer journey means more sales

Nurturing Leads and Converting Buyers

Usher leads down the bottom of the sales funnel to digitally close the deal.

Collaboratively Shop Online

Sales can meet and collaboratively shop, tour, and design homes with customers online – making virtual online sales a real possibility.

Buy Now Buttons

Buy Now buttons enable lot reservations, and inventory and custom-built home purchases with deposits and digital contracts.

Point of Sales Kiosks

MyHome Sales Center Apps enable Salesperson-driven onsite sales transactions. Completes online to onsite shopping journey.

Down the HomeStretch

Our HomeStretch App takes buyer through post-purchase journey of virtual design studio, construction and closing. Digitizes complex process to facilitate closing.

The last part of the online sales journey is getting a shopper to closing. This includes allowing them the make a commitment and go under contract online and then guiding them from post-purchase to the closing table.

The Anewgo system allows for buyers to design and buy from within the Website App or Sales Center App. The Buy Now or Buy Online feature is part of Anewgo’s Insights and is the first true design and Buy feature in the industry.

The Complete Online Sales Funnel

The modern customer is looking for a new type of sales journey that often takes place entirely online. This means that builders must offer an experience that holistically addresses each part of the sales funnel. Having a weak link in the online Sales Funnel directly impacts a builder’s ability to close more sales.

After leads are converted to buyers, the next MyHome Ecosystem sales cycle begins.