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A New Go of New Home Sales!

with John and Anya

Episode 27,  June 21, 2022

OSC’s Tools and Tech for The Changing Market

Online Sales Counselor (OSC) role continues to evolve as market conditions and consumer expectations shift. Technology is moving even faster, so we asked three experts to share their favorite tools and best practices for the OSC role.

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Heidi Schroeder
Senior Consultant for Lasso @ECI Software Solutions
As ECI’s Senior Consultant for Lasso, Heidi is passionate about improving the homebuyer experience and teaches Lasso clients how to leverage the CRM to improve personal connections and drive sales growth. While working for a high-volume On Your Lot builder in the Pacific Northwest, Heidi launched and grew the Online Sales Program, directed corporate marketing strategy, and worked with franchise offices to focus local marketing. She monitored sales activity, developed sales training, and created a comprehensive Customer Experience Program to keep customers engaged in the home building process and beyond. In her off time, you can find Heidi exploring the backwoods and beaches of Washington State with her husband Jason and teenaged sons Orion and North. You can reach Heidi directly at hschroeder@ecisolutions.com.

Cori Masters
Online Sales Specialist @Beacon Homes
Cori has over 7 years of experience as an Online Sales Specialist with proven success. In the past her expertise has helped contribute to over 60% of overall sales. Cori’s multicultural background has allowed her to navigate the industry, helping and understanding buyers of different backgrounds. After studying photography in Italy and Japan, Cori and her husband moved to the US where she started working as an online sales counselor for Royal Oaks Homes. Currently she works for Beacon Homes in OK while living in Boise ID. She continues to be a part of Online Sales and Marketing team. Cori speaks Spanish, Italian and English.

Leah Fellows
National Online Sales Counselor Trainer and Consultant @Blue Gypsy Inc.
Leah Fellows, Founder of Blue Gypsy Inc., has 15 years of new home sales experience. She’s trained multiple National Award Winning OSCs. Leah regularly contributes to industry publications and blogs and has been a guest speaker on numerous industry podcasts, webinars, seminars, and conferences. Giving back to the building industry is important to her. Leah is an active member of the Professional Women in Building Council (PWB) and the Sales and Marketing Council (SMC) locally and nationally. Currently a board member at the Home Builders Association of Metro Denver PWB, she also chairs the Mentoring committee. On the National side she holds the position of Co-Chair of Membership and Communication sub-committee for PWB. Leah is also on the National Board of Trustees of NSMC, and is the Chair of the Membership and Communication sub-committee for that council as well. Leah loves collaborating with other experts in the industry.
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