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You're not just selling homes,
you're selling a great
Customer Experience

E-commerce has arrived

The Point of Sales is no longer just at the Sales Center

Buy Now Button. Why Not?

There is a swirling debate over the need, value or even semantics of Buy vs Buy Now vs Reserve Now. Like anything new, doubt is high and change is hard. But at the core, in this e-commerce world, does having a Buy button to immediately buy or reserve your home online hurt your business? The transaction doesn’t consummate until you accept and sign the contract.
If shoppers simply want to just continue shopping, save to their favorites or contact the builder, they can still do that. The Buy button simply provides another transaction option like a cashier, self-checkout or online shopping cart. It’s a 24 hour convenience that provides peace of mind reservations while facilitating the online sales process. Seems like a win-win. So why not?

Design, Price and Buy Online

Customers can design, price and buy/reserve a home online – whether that’s from their kitchen table or in your Sales Center.

Communities and BOYL

Can be used for both Community and Build-On-Your-Land Builders’ Homes with or without Lots, respectively.

Inventory and Design Homes

Can be used for both Inventory or Unbuilt Design Homes. Custom brochures are created and attached to Docusign digital contracts.

Digital Contract and Signing

Selections and pricing auto-fill each Builder’s unique DocuSign contract for instant online signing. Contract auto-forwards to Co-buyer and Seller for hierarchial signings.

Online Digital

Buyer can make a credit card payment or ACH bank transfer to place an online reservation deposit.

Real-Time Notifications and Updates

All parties are immediately notified by email, in-app and in the builder’s backend Insights of all contract offers, acceptance and rejections.

Instant Status Updates Across Apps

Once online offer is accepted, the lot status immediately changes from “available” to “reserved”. The purchased home is also no longer available.

Tesla-like New Home Shopping Experience!

Learn about Harbor Homes’ Buy Now process

Listen to our podcast case study with Scott Thistle, owner of Harbor Homes

Take Payments Before, During, or After Appointments

Unlike traditional sales, Buy Now gives buyers the convenience to initiate offers online whenever and wherever they are ready to transact. Shoppers can buy online while at the sales center, or remotely – days after meeting in-person or even self-touring a home.

Buy Now instantly creates auto-populated digital contract offers with the Buyer’s custom selections. The Buyer (and Co-Buyer) can then sign and and make online deposits via Docusign and Stripe, respectively – in a single transaction, 24/7!

Enabling Buyers to immediately transact enables Builders to covert sales online.

Receive Multiple Offers

Optimize your sales by receiving multiple offers and accepting the best one! The offers are shown in order of submission.

Buyers can have multiple remote co-buyer signers. Builders can require multiple approval signatures. Our Stripe integration enables the immediate collection of customizable deposit amounts.

Keep Buyers Informed

Give buyers the peace of mind with the ability to stay up-to-date throughout the Buy Now process. They will be instantly notified by email or in-app when their offer is accepted or rejected.

The available homesites and plans are immediately updated on the front-end MyHome App as homes are purchased to prevent duplicate reservations.

Multiple Use Cases

Designed to adapt to builder’s needs, Buy Now allows buyers to make transactions for any of the following:
1. Custom-designed homes on selected homesites
2. Quick Move-in/Inventory/Under-Construction Homes
3. Homesites
Buyers can choose their next step: from hitting “Contact Us” to schedule an appointment to making DIY “Buy Now” online reservations.


In Insights, you can track the Statuses (In-Progress, Approved or Rejected) of submitted reservations over a specified time period.
You can also track at what stage buyers are dropping-out during the Buy Now process (Term and Conditions, Signed Document, Payment, Completed) so you can follow-up accordingly.


Buy/Reserve Now is a personal, private and secure online e-commerce transaction. Consequently, it requires Buyer registration to create a private portal or shopping cart via our MyHome App.

Inventory homes can just use rendering or photos. But Unbuilt Design Homes requires online design features which necessitates our interactive content. In either case, pricing is also needed. The prices for lots, base plans and options can be directly input into our CMS Dashboard or fed via APIs from ERP systems.


  1. Set-up: No set-up fees for data ingestion from ERPs unless extraordinary scope. We will quote those situations accordingly.
  2. Monthly hosting: $500/month. Includes an Enterprise-level subscription to our Insights Analytics, Leads and Buy Now platform.
  3. Transactions:$200/transaction (or 0.05% for a $400K house). Includes fees for Docusign contracts and Stripe credit card and ACH payments.

Try It Yourself!

Community Builder

Build-On-Your-Land Builder

See It In Action!

Watch this brief demo and overview by our CEO, John Lee.