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A New Go of New Home Sales!

with John and Anya

Episode 21,  May 10, 2022

Building a Better Way to Buy and Sell a Home with Offerpad

Offerpad’s Homebuilder Services team works with more than 40 of the nation’s top homebuilders to streamline sales processes and get prospects under contract faster by removing one of the biggest barriers to buying new — the home sale contingency.

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We’re chatting with Brigham Weight-National Director of Strategic Partnerships and Abbie Mirata Senior Director of Training and Operational Performance at Offerpad.

What is Offerpad? 

It all started with a joint vision for a better home selling experience shared among a group of top real estate professionals. After many years spent buying, selling, renting, and renovating nearly 100,000 homes across the country, Brian Bair and his executive team gained a deep understanding of the challenges people face when selling their homes. They found that even successful sellers were overwhelmed by the stress of selling – trying to guess what their home would sell for, prepping for showings, negotiating a deal, finding movers, and waiting for a closing date. Why wasn’t there a better way?

Recognizing the industry was long overdue for a change and equipped with a wealth of first-hand knowledge, Brian and his fellow executives set out to offer something completely new. Their goal was clear: reinvent the home sale process and provide sellers with the convenience, control, and certainty they’d been lacking under the outdated system. In 2015, Offerpad was born. Pairing ground-breaking real estate technology with fundamental industry experience, they created a platform where sellers could receive a strong purchase offer for their home, quickly contract and close, and avoid the hassles associated with traditional real estate selling.

Since 2015, Offerpad has provided the best way to buy and sell a home, helping thousands of homeowners move freely.

To learn more how Offerpad partners with home builders please visit: https://www.offerpad.com/hba/

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