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A New Go of New Home Sales!

with John and Anya

Episode 49,  November 29, 2022

Go For It with Abby Cornelius

Abby spent 16 years of her career in homebuilding and now she runs her own coaching business. She teaches new home sales pros and leaders how to thrive in any market. Today we’re talking about five mindsets any successful salesperson must have and how to nurture them as a leader.   

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After climbing the coporate ladder Abby quickly realized with every step she took, she was getting farther away from her calling. Abby quit her corporate job in January 2022 to begin her own coaching business. 

Abby has a passion for serving others. Her training position was her absolute favorite job. She always found herself drawn to training, supporting and encouraging others. Now Abby has the ability to make a bigger impact. She specifically noticed a void in female mentorship within homebuilding which has been a historically male dominated industry.

Abby’s goal is to help EVERYONE but she recognizes that her unique female perspective is much needed in homebuilding today!

Connect with Abby on LinkedIn and check out her website for more information about her coaching and online programs. 

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