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Easily integrate your MyHome Apps into websites, sales centers and email/social media campaigns

Website Integration Options

Open in New Tab

Most Seamless

Clicking a web page link opens the app in a new browser page and window. Use deep-linking for a natural transition into the design experience.

Embedded iFrame


The app is framed in a set space within a web page. The app is scrollable within its own embedded window.

Note: we recommend a minimum iframe height of 660 px for a clean experience.

Example and embed code

Pop-up iFrame

Most Customized

The app appears in “pop-up” window that overlays the “darkened” website in the background. Simply, close the window to return to website. 

Note: we recommend a minimum iframe height of 660 px

Builder Spotlights

Viera Builders uses a combination of embedded iframes and pop-up iframes to create a seamless shopping experience for their website visitors.

Harbor Homes has made the My Home App an integral part of their shopper’s journey and branded their own iDesign experience. Using a combination of outbound links, screenshots, FAQs and even a highlight video, they have created a truly immersive and seamless experience for their buyers.

Data Integration

Website Integrations

We’ve built our solutions to be accessible through any browser on any device. See some of the best practices for website integrations.


Ensuring that your all of your solutions speak to each other so that your financials are up to date and that your current supply chain is reflected.


Insights can notify your team of new leads and new lead activity. From there you can nurture that lead within Insights or push them into your existing CRM.

Self Guided Tours

Allow for your prospects to schedule their own agentless tours of your inventory homes from your interactive site maps.

MyHome Products

All of our products fully integrate with one another to create a seamless shopping experience for homebuyers.