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A New Go of New Home Sales!

with John and Anya

Episode 19,  April 26, 2022

Mastery of Selling for New Homes with Roland Nairnsey

Roland Nairnsey is the Founder of New Home Sales Plus and Author of Mastery of Selling for New Homes.

Roland has been a real estate sales and thought leader for over 30 years and currently trains teams with monthly sales in the billions. Roland is known as the “Stuff Guy” for teaching “non-BS” skills that are honed from his own real world experiences, and are proven to work.

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roland nairnsey

Founder, New Home Sales Plus

Roland Nairnsey grew up in Great Britain just north of London. He moved to the states as a young man in 1983, selling vacation homes to Brits moving to Florida. He became a licensed Realtor® in 1984 and started working for his first homebuilder in 1987. He has successfully sold homes for numerous builders ever since, as both a salesperson and a selling Sales Manager and Director of Sales. He is responsible for almost a billion dollars’ worth of new home sales.

Roland became a national sales trainer in 2002 and spent a decade training thousands of salespeople all across North America to replicate his sales success.  His clients love his refreshing “Real World” approach, teaching processes honed from his own experience and that are proven to increase sales. They find it easy to connect with his easygoing, caring manner, and occasional oddball British humor. The feedback is that they laugh while they learn.

Taking a sabbatical from training, Roland managed sales for a luxury home builder in Southwest Florida for three-and-a-half years. This allowed him to understand today’s buyers as well as update his approach and training material to suit the new contemporary market.

Roland formed his own training company, New Home Sales Plus, a few years ago and has very quickly gained a loyal following of clients all over North America, with combined yearly sales in the many billions. He delivers his training both in person and via interactive live Video Conferencing which he conducts weekly. He is also an avid blog writer, posts free videos on his YouTube page, and just released his book, Mastery of Selling for New Home Sales.

Roland has personally experienced four economic downturns. Therefore, his clients are finding that Roland is uniquely qualified to share his experiences and processes that were crafted in those tough selling times, to help today’s salespeople navigate through today’s uncertain market.

Roland lives in Miami, Florida with his wife Svetlana and 14-year-old son Max. Roland loves to spend time traveling with his family, as well as playing soccer and watching his beloved English Soccer team, Tottenham Hotspurs.

Please feel free to contact Roland by email at Roland@newhomesalesplus.com; or by phone at 561-236-2400. Plus, you can friend him on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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