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A New Go of New Home Sales!

with John and Anya

Episode 48,  November 22, 2022

This Episode is Brought to You by the Letter "C"

It’s been a rough market so we wanted to have some fun and go back to the basics. We’re offering our perspective on how to weather the storm and share strategies to improve customer experience.

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Tools Mentioned in This Podcast:

Engage buyers by allowing them to customize and personalize their dream homes with Interactive Design. Exteriors, interiors, floor plans, and site plans. Let your buyers design it all.

Interactive Design Tools

With today’s buyers starting their journey online, virtual tours have been a must for new home marketing.  With virtual model homes you don’t need to worry about building and staging a traditional new model home are.

Virtual Model Home Tours allow shoppers to experience your houses and communities whenever and wherever they want: online.

Our team works meticulously with each client to produce Virtual Tours that will truly set your homes apart.

Go and take it for a spin!

Virtual Tours

Also check out our Live Guided Virtual Tour

Achieve unrivaled engagement rates by leveraging the data produced through interactive content.

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