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A New Go of New Home Sales!

with John and Anya

Episode 51, December 6, 2022

In Search Of... with ChatGPT

Search is fundamental to the start of New Home marketing. The better the search process and experience, the better the likelihood of a sales conversion. Today we’re comparing the current generic, static search engine results of ranked and paid websites (based on a few keywords) vs personal, dynamic conversational, responses with ChatGPT.

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In Search of 
  • Search is a basic human function. It’s an expression of our natural curiosity and desires. Usually for something that’s important, meaningful, complex or hard to find. Meaning of life, for a spouse, for a career, for a house.
  • In search of homes. Homes fulfill Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: shelter, security, belonging, esteem (status, respect) and self-actualization
  • Search is fundamental to the start of New Home marketing. The better the search process and experience, the better the likelihood of a sales conversion. Home searches can be passive (just looking around or in the market, good for social media, referrals, billboards) or active, where intentional shopping. Let’s just focus on the active searches today.
  • Because search is so fundamental, for our Anewgo apps, it’s the first of our new home shopping functions: find, design, experience and buy new homes online.
  • According to Zillow, 2/3 want to buy New, but only 10-15% actually do. Biggest drop-off at find function.
History of home searches
  • We want search to be easy, fast, comprehensive and accurate. Technology continually improves these factors.
  • Print: classifieds, magazines/booklets, driving around signs, realtors, search engines, portals (maps, filters)
  • Digital: Progressively more online, DIY, let our fingers do the walking
  • Manual physical searches>Manual digital searches with search engines (directs you to resources)>AI assistants (natural conversations and direct answers instead of directory assistance)
Search Evolution
  • Old vs New Marketing Search approaches:
  •  Search, Research, then Re-Search (Me Doing) to Answer Me, Bring to Me, Notify Me (Doing for Me)
  • Generic static search engine results of ranked and paid websites based on a few keywords vs personal dynamic conversational responses and queries.
  • Old – use keywords to index those “classifications” of topics to drive manual search traffic to a common destination (website or sales centers). Requires shoppers to enter a few key words (hard to do if they don’t know housing jargon and very limited).
  • New – bring automated personal content, answers and products to where individual buyers are at anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Enables conversational natural language queries with direct personal answers that can then be followed up with more specific questions. Open-ended conversations vs current closed-decision tree or ranked directory responses from search engines and chatbots.
  • Future: cookie-less, search within portals, match and notify, recommendations, social influencers, collaborative, AI
  • AI: enables predictive and conversational marketing (chatbots, social commerce, avatars, blogging, NLP)
  1. Top of Funnel, External Search to Attract Audience to Builder’s website and channels
  • AI will supersede traditional search engines.
  • OpenAI (ChatGPT, Generative Pre-trained Transformer, DALL-E-2) – AI uses data from cloud neural networks to generative text and images (combines text and image generation)
  • CopyAI (blogging)
  1. Mid to Bottom of Funnel, Internal Channel Search to Engage Prospects, Generate Leads and Convert Sales
  • Marketplace or website AI
  • Like OpenAI, Anewgo’s AI uses our own text and image generator (real-time cloud rendering engine) to create data-driven content that instantly combines text, pricing and custom renderings and virtual tours for each individual shopper.
  1. We need both the External OpenAI and Internal Anewgo AI (Sophie) to cover entire online shopping journey because:
  • OpenAI is not real-time. It has the best collective from various online resources, but it’s put into their own OpenAI cloud. So currently knows things from pre-2021.
  • Sophie doesn’t have the global knowledge, but in our own Anewgo marketplace of hundreds of thousands of builders, plans, communities, options, homesites and buyers and pricing, it can search, filter, match and recommend the right products, save favorites, collaborative shop and design and then ultimately, buy online.
  • Need both AI for ecommerce which bring Marketing and Sales together online (MarTech + SalesTech for PropTech).
  1. Requires data tagging of content library. Library of colors, bricks, stones. Tagged searchable floor plan rooms and options, communities amenities and home styles and features
  • Match Me – Quiz. Buyer and Builder profiles.
  • Buyer shops builders and products. While Builder shops buyers
  • Matching scores, combined with Engagement scores
  • Playhouse and Why New? 60% of Z shoppers not actually shopping. Only 20% actually are. Remaining 20% are doing both (open to buying).
  • Attracts an audience of dreamers before actual shopping. Articles, blogs, videos teach AI
  • People like you who behaved like this will like that
  • As people interact with both playful and actual shopping content, the data continually trains our AI to generate better and better answers and recommendations based on its vast knowledge of both people and products. This is the ultimate search as it is quickly finding your dream home.
AI Impact on Marketing
  • Content creation
  • Advertising
  • Customer engagement and sales journeys
We’re at the dawn of a new digital age of search. But also coming back full circle to our natural written, verbal and visual ways to communicate. Like in our name Anewgo, which has the words “ago” and “new”. Still want to communicate in our old natural common ways, but also use new technologies to do this better in an online digital world.

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