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It’s The Inside That Counts! (Let Us Show You Now!)

Today, selling homes require much more than an exterior rendering and a floor plan. If you are familiar with our MyHome App, then you already know about the ability to let buyers visualize exterior finishes, floor plan options, and even down to the particular lot in the community. The trend to offer more visualization continues with interiors. In addition to virtual tours, builders are now offering an interactive interior designer to pre-sell and educate buyers at home and in the design center. At Anewgo, we offer two solutions to meet your needs: Custom Interior Designer and Interior Color Tool.

Custom Interior Designer

We understand each builder has an unique approach to offering selections to the homebuyers.  This is why we customize the interactive interior designer to meet your needs. For example, some builders offer a handful of schemes (which has become popular due to supply chain constraints.)  Other builders offer upgrades, for example from standard to gourmet kitchen, respectively, from microwave over the range to a hood vent, cooktop, and combo wall oven/microwave. 

Still, there are those who offer packages (groups of categories grouped selections,) where a buyer picks a surface package including cabinet, countertop, and backsplash, and then chooses different packages for accents, including metal plumbing fixtures, pendant lights, cabinet hardware, door pull, appliances finish, etc. Below are two popular examples of the custom interior designer. 

Examples 1: Schemes only

Example 2: Standard vs Gourmet Kitchen (2 kitchens of the same plan)

Interior Color Tool

Do you need something on your website to allow buyers to just explore? We have created a specially priced product called the interior color tool. It is a simpler version of our custom interior designer and it shares some similarities to the exterior color tool in that it will let your buyers visualize finishes (i.e. cabinet, countertop, backsplash, etc.).  Here is an example:

In addition to the choices within the categories (cabinet, backsplash, etc.), you can have presets so the buyer can start exploring from your popular configurations.  To keep the interior color tool simple, we limit the number of choices to 100 (which is more than enough for most builders), and all the items are finishes (color, stain, paint, etc.) and not “3D” items (pendant lights, plumbing fixture, bar stools, etc.)

Ready to take the next step in building the interior designer? Please contact stephen@anewgo.com


The two most popular rooms are the Kitchen and Owner’s Bathroom as they offer the most choices for the buyer. Occasionally, we get requests for Living Rooms to show flooring, fireplace and built-in options, etc.

You can have it any way you wish. Some builders elect to have one kitchen represent all their options across all their plans while others have an interior designer for each plan. The latter is helpful so there is no confusion and it allows more accurate information for the pricing calculator. As a side note, it is more cost effective to do multiple kitchens with the same set of finishes. And we can even create subsets for the same kitchen that are in different communities.

Through emails or meetings, we first assess how you offer choices for your homes to the buyers. Once we can understand the approach, we then collect information, including the manufacturer and model/style of each category (i.e. cabinet, countertop, backsplash, flooring, etc.) We also request specific cabinet plans from your vendor (typically via the 20/20 software.) The information will help us accurately represent your kitchen with the correct door vs draw, cabinet size, trim and molding, glass, etc.

Yes, we can remove a selection that is no longer available without any additional cost to you. At the moment, we do not have a way for you to directly make such an adjustment in the dashboard.

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