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The biggest purchase of your life needs more than a single rendering

Exterior 360 Package

We all participate in online shopping, no matter if it is a cardigan, a chair, or a car (or now even a house!!) In addition to carefully reading the product’s description and customer reviews, we spend a great deal of time examining renderings, photos, and videos. Similarly, when it comes to buying your dream house, you want to see it from all angles. To bring this over to the house buying experience, we now offer the Exterior 360 Package.

With our Exterior 360 Package, we provide these three products: 

  • Interactive 3D Viewer: Great for design review by owner and design team through a simple weblink (no need for any special hardware or software!)
  • 6 Renderings: Views from straight on front and rear, and one from each corner. 
  • 360 Video: Perfect for your website and social media (Watch more 360 Videos from our showcase!)

Regardless of the size of the house, our Exterior 360 Package is a great fit for custom builders, and architects and designers who need to help  the owners visualize their designs. This is why we have added the 3D Model link. Instead of just showing elevation drawings, you can present the 3D model of the house design to the owners in your next online meeting. Or the owners can just take it for spin at their own leisure. (For Gen Xers, it is just like playing a video game.)  Try it now!    

Many builders also selects the Exterior 360 Package over a single front rendering because the house has a walkout basement, sideload garages, patios with pools, lanai at the side of the house, etc. In addition, if your house sits on a unique lot with a particular topography, perhaps it is on a hill or by a lake, then this package will show how everything fits together. A single view from the front cannot show these intricacies. 

With the Exterior 360 Package, you get visual assets to help finalize the design and marketing material for your website and social media. 

The biggest purchase of your life needs more than a single rendering.  Contact us today for quotes!

Ready to get started? Please contact stephen@anewgo.com

P.S. We can add a virtual tour for the inside of the house too!

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