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The Realities of Buy Online – Survey Results

This survey was conducted from July 2021 thought August 2021. The results are comprised of 42 unique builders that are both Anewgo customers and non-customers. These builders range from custom builders buildering 25 homes per year to national builders building 9000 homes per year.

What is your primary interest in ‘buy-now’?

Which best describes ‘buy-online’?

Provide a prospect with the ability to find and select a home to purchase and reserve online.15
The ability for a prospect to click a “buy-now” button to purchase a home and move to the next step.13
Ability to reserve a lot, and make an appointment with a sales rep. to move to contract stage.8
Ability to enter into a contract with a purchaser online.6

What are customers asking for?

Pricing on the website21
Prospects/Buyers haven’t been asking, we just feel it”s the way to go20
More virtual content on your website18
They want an easier way to reserve a home8
Easier way to schedule a tour7
Self-guided tours7
Select a home online and buy it2

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