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Check out the latest version of VTX 5.0!

At Anewgo, we are always improving for you. With our virtual tours, we have been quietly working on adding new features and are so excited to tell you all about them.  Here is the first look at the release of Virtual Tour Experience (VTX 5.0).

Top 7 New Features:

    1. Clean Modern Look. We redesigned the user interface so it is cleaner and simpler. The features and tools are still all there, along with new additional ones described below.

    New 5.0
    Old 4.0

    2. Built-Camera Mode – New! Snap photos of any room in the tour without logos, hotspots, menus, etc. in the way. Now you can have unlimited renderings! Imagine that!

    3. Notes – New! We always value your feedback and want to make that process easier. Forget the old days of taking a screenshot and marking it up. Now, you can leave comments right on the tour. It is all private and will be removed once the tour goes public. This is the virtual Blue Tape Walkthrough where you can leave comments! We are slowly rolling this out for new projects but keep your eyes out!

    4. Improved Responsive Design. We moved the floor plan to the left and added a truly responsive design to the 3D room space. You can now navigate the tour with the floor plan panel showing without covering the view of the tour.

    5. Room List – New! In the same left floor plan panel, we have also created a room list that allows you to quickly jump to your desired room. Of course, you can still use the hotspots with radar. Combining the floor plan with a directory is a no brainer.

    6. Improved Mobile Design. I think we all just expect things to work on every platform and screen orientation. But in reality, this is one of the biggest UI/UX challenges. So we spent a great deal of time designing an interface that works well for the phone even though the screen size is small and it is often in a portrait orientation.  If you already have a vendor creating virtual tours for you, make sure all the functionality is working in mobile portrait mode.

    7. Improved i-frame embed. Our virtual tours often sit in your website and we have improved the responsive design of the UI to fit better even when the i-frame size decreases.

    Now what?

    If you are new to our virtual tours, then your homebuyers will simply enjoy all these new functionalities and features. 

    For some clients with completed tours and now are starting new tours that we are currently building out, we have gone back and retroactively updated your tours at either no additional cost or at a discounted rate. This will be important to have your virtual tours look consistent on your website.

    If we created tours for you a while back and you would like to update them to 5.0, then please let us know by emailing: stephen@anewgo.com. We want to make sure your virtual tours are looking and working great. The cost to upgrade is only $60-120 per tour.

    What’s next?

    We will be showcasing specific tours to highlight some new features, including room configuration and virtual design center.

    If you haven’t read our Buyer’s Guide to Virtual Tours, then definitely check that out. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

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